September 16, 2021

Lockets at Luxury Properties in MA and DC: How They Are Driving Sales and Customer Experience Forward

Brands benefit from next-gen engagement analytics and end-to-end remote logistics, fulfillment and inventory control management

BOSTON, September 16, 2021 Alchemista, the original premium curator of food, beverage and lifestyle brands, announced that its patent-pending software platform is powering new sales and customer experiences for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands across luxury real estate properties. The Locket’s powerful software provides tech-enabled access to lifestyle offerings and an automated end-to-end management platform for product curation, inventory control, operations, logistics, and advanced analytics that offer deep customer insights.

The Locket by Alchemista is an on-demand modular marketplace filled with unique and fabulous finds from up-and-coming brands, local artisans and creators. The Locket is one of the fastest-growing luxury amenities available on the market today and is in use across high-end residential properties in Boston and Washington, D.C. Its marketplaces feature premier brands like Slate Milk, Aura Bora, La Colombe, cbdMD, Ritual and Polka Dog Bakery, to name a few. Alchemista lets brands showcase their products to residents 24×7 in a sophisticated and highly curated manner that today’s discerning buyers expect.

According to the “State of the Connected Customer” report from Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations across all engagement channels. The report also stated that 69% of customers believe companies should offer new avenues for their products and services because of the pandemic. Brands face a myriad of challenges to provide individualized customer experiences at scale. They need partners like Alchemista to help open new sales channels and geographies, test and launch new products, create bespoke pop-up stores and find new ways to engage customers.

Meet customers where they live and work

The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s is one of Boston’s newest and most exciting residential developments, with 555 apartments and a 22,000-square-foot amenities building complete with workspaces, conference rooms, study areas, a fitness center, studios and games. In addition, the Overlook at St. Gabriel’s offers The Locket marketplaces to its residents, providing seamless and on-demand access to the best brands, newest flavors and freshest finds without leaving home.

John Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, said, “Our partnership with Alchemista at our property in Brighton, Mass., The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s, has been a great success. In fact, we rank second in the region for resident use, according to Alchemista. Our residents value the curated offerings available in the machines we have on the property, especially when it comes to enjoying a midnight snack. While we started with one machine, the rollout was so popular that we now have three Alchemista Lockets at The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s, and look forward to our continued partnership as we provide the best amenities for our residents.”

A launch platform for emerging and established brands

Slate Milk redefines milk with its shelf-stable, high-protein, lactose-free chocolate milk that sits at the intersection of health and fitness and sustainability. The company’s mission is to provide delicious strength and energy to healthy-minded people everywhere. In addition to its distribution online and national availability in stores like Whole Foods and Roche Brothers, the innovative brand teamed up with Alchemista because of its commitment to working with artisanal creators and makers.

“I get messages from customers who love discovering they can get Slate Milk without having to leave home or wait for an online order to arrive,” said Manny Lubin, Co-founder of Slate Milk. “It’s a great opportunity for our small team to quickly expand without needing a ton of time, money and energy to do so. We also love that Alchemista shares our commitment to supporting and elevating local entrepreneurs who have created something amazing.”

Key features of the Alchemista software platform include:

  • Access to highly granular data analytics that goes beyond storefront data KPIs and provides insights into repeat purchases, loyalty programs and feedback data for every customer across asset locations
  • Remote access and dispensing capabilities from anywhere in the world
  • Instant and automated inventory alerts and management, so brands know precisely when they should restock or modify offers based on customer data
  • Completely automated sanitation process, eliminating 99% of all bacteria
  • The opportunity to create new loyalty, rewards and subscription programs using The Locket credits program 

“With Alchemista’s software capabilities, brands gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ favorite products and purchases so they can create a next-best action to stay engaged,” said Christine Marcus, CEO and Founder of Alchemista. “We are passionate about helping people discover and fall in love with brands they might have never seen if not for us. We offer a proven sales channel for brands and are wholly committed to providing incredible hospitality and luxury experiences.”

For more information about Alchemista’s powerful software and modular marketplace, The Locket, please visit Licensing opportunities are available to brands and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their omnichannel strategies and deliver their offerings where people work and live.

About Alchemista
Alchemista is the original premium curator of food, beverage and lifestyle brands. For discerning customers who crave convenience but demand quality, Alchemista is a purveyor of all things delightful and delicious — creating a community of enthusiasts by bringing the finest food, beverages, and retail goods through its on-demand modular marketplace, The Locket.

Tastefully tailored to answer and anticipate the wants and needs of modern consumers, The Locket by Alchemista is an amenity in every sense of the word — leveraging a patent-pending platform to provide tech-enabled access to lifestyle offerings in residential buildings, offices, and destinations around the world

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