April 16, 2021

Pet Spa, Food Locker Among Amenities Added To Apartment Buildings During Pandemic

By Rachel Holt for WBZ-TV | Photo Credit WBZ CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – As living and work habits change, so too do amenities being offered at apartment buildings. It goes far beyond individual workspaces, or self-cleaning technology.

Chairman of the Mount Vernon Company Bruce Percelay oversaw modifications at Radius Apartments in Brighton during the pandemic to meet residents’ changing needs.

“We added a mindfulness space where people can go in, close the door. We have a starlit ceiling where you play your own Zen music and you have complete privacy and you can relax,” said Percelay.

Radius also added a pet spa, with Percelay explaining, “Pets are playing a more and more important role in people’s lives now so we have a space where the tenant can go in, wash their pet, blow dry their pet and it’s an important feature during these times.”

Since February 2021, Boston-based company Alchemista has installed food lockers in 10 apartment buildings in the city, with plans to be in 40 more in the coming weeks.

“We see a lot of users who are using the machines multiple times a day. So everything from their coffee to their dinner to snacks during the day,” said CEO & Founder of Alchemista Christine Marcus.

The temperature controlled food lockers are completely contactless.

“A resident or customer would simply walk up to the machine, scan the QR code with their phone and they can choose from the list of options, push the button, pay, and the door pops open for them,” said Marcus.

Ethan Money moved into Troy Boston in the South End in the last year, where one of Alchemista’s food lockers is installed.

“It’s really convenient. You can have food any time you want. There’s always coffee, tea, drinks, anything you want. It’s awesome,” said Money.

“It’s going to become the new hottest trend that every luxury residential building will want moving forward,” said Marcus.


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